The online sacred coursework for sistas who seek to re-ignite self-love, desire genuine connection and are committed to creating a lifestyle that heals themselves, their families and their future generations.

Don’t You Wanna’…

Develop the mindset to show up as the BEST YOU everywhere you go? (ABSOLUTELY!!!!!)


Build sistahood with top-notch women who reciprocate the love you give? (Girl… YES!)


Create the authentic, worry-free, abundant lifestyle so you can finally fulfill your life purpose? (Sign Me Up, Sis!)

To get there you need to:

Stop wearing the fake “I got it all together” face


Get crystal clear about the fact that healing takes work, snot, ugly cries and yes… VILLAGE. You simply cannot go this alone.


Put your big girl pants on (you’ve gotten this far) and accept that you CAN manifest a more vibrant life for yourself.

Sis, I know this is easier said than done… I get it, trust me…

You’ve tried therapy and stuck to it… but it’s time to apply the skills learned


You called on your family, your boo-thang and your so-called sistas… and they just didn’t understand


And you’re tired of spending money on women’s wellness conferences, retreats and ‘feel-good-moments’ that leave you excited for like 5 days… then it all wears off

Evolve is perfect for you if you’re:

Ready to let go of all the negative self-talk thats keeping you from achieving your BIG goals


Juggling a unique schedule and could use some “me time,” sistahood and accountability on your own terms


Trying to come out of your protective shell after overcoming some really tough stuff


Serious about finding peace of mind in the wake of #BlackLivesMatter, #SayHerName and other overwhelming narratives


Tried to meditate and well… uh… you’re still trying to master the whole “Keep Calm” idea ‘cuz it’s a struggle


LCSW-C a Life Coach, Integrative Psychotherapist, QiGong and Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner.

I guide women like you… Women who may have dealt with some serious pain and hurt in the past, stay on the path to healing. I only work with folks who are willing to make the changes and take the steps necessary to begin again and create a better life for themselves and the future of their bloodline. I created a signature online experience, EVOLVE: Sacred Self-Work to #HealASista. I also have a virtual support group, The #HealASista Project: Sista Space for people who are ready to show up, stay the course and change their whole…entire life!

I was in college when the childhood pain I stuffed in my heart began to erupt. I knew I was in serious need of some healing. I had some forgiving to do. I had some moving on to do. I had some letting go to do.

I tried visiting the on-campus psychologist. I gave it my best shot. But every time I found myself sitting in that office talking to those people who clearly had ZERO vested interest in my wellbeing, I just felt lost all over again. That was when I started exploring alternative forms of healing. Sitting in meditation and prayer, using crystals and herbs, exploring energy work, manifesting love and dreams, journaling with tears (and snot), among many other practices combined with (AWESOME) therapy, I was able to finally get to a true place of healing.

After college, when I became a social worker and community therapist, I noticed the scarcity of safe space for teen girls of color.There weren’t holistic spaces for them to express themselves, engage healthily with their peers, develop skills for womanhood and learn about Black History; so I created it. Then, I learned about the importance of making holistic healing accessible to the entire family and began studying family patterns of trauma.

And still… I continued my own healing work.

Once I connected each girls struggle to her mother’s pain, I knew I had to create a Movement that spoke to the needs of the Resilient Woman.

So I got to work and I…

Sat with my sistahood


Completed a year-long Matriarchal African-Centered Women’s Rites of Passage Program


Earned my Clinical Social Work License


Earned my Level 1 QiGong Instructor Certification


Completed an Advanced Level Training in Mind-Body Medicine


Studied Christian, Buddhist and African Spiritual Healing Traditions


Sat at the feet of my Elders and Veteran Healers around the country


Launched The #HealASista Project as a series of Mini-Retreats


Got Quiet and Listened to my Intuition (A LOT)

And after all of that, I saw all the women I supported begin their evolution…

Each time was a mini-retreat, every sista in the sacred space experienced powerful breakthroughs…they all told me we needed more. I travelled to a small village in Costa Rica, and hosted a mini-retreat with the beautiful local mamas. One mama, after sitting in the circle said, “I feel like 10 thousand horses have been lifted from my back.” They told me to promise I would return… Then it was clear… all over the world, Sistas desired something to help them do MORE self-work.

Evolve is an online sacred coursework like no other!

I show you the foundation of self-healing and how to apply new skills to your daily life. I take you through the process, asking the right questions to get you to your breakthrough. I partner with Movement Experts in Afrobeat, Belly Dance, Yoga and Fitness so you can release what doesn’t serve you, physically. After working with me, sistas have said they could feel the weight of pain, leaving their bodies.

Sistas I work with currently and in the Past Have:

Manifested the love of their life and gotten married


Built the confidence to return to college and finish their degree


Forgiven family members for a lifetime of wrongdoing


Built healthy communication patterns in their love relationship


Taught their children how to chill


Launched their purpose-driven business after overcoming debilitating fear

This program is for you if…

You’re tired of taking care of everyone else before yourself, are trying to undo years of internalized messages of inferiority and you refuse to hold your tongue about the truth of what it means to be a woman of color in this age because… the babies.


I Keep it Real

Girl… I will tell you the damb truth! With love, though. Throughout each Module you will find that I address what healing means for those of us with Melanin on fleek. I am a professional, and I am me. If I can see that you aren’t showing up for yourself, I will tell you. If I can see that it might be time to go back to therapy, I will support you. We deserve this. We need truth tellers and lovers.

I Address the Whole You

This coursework is designed to take you on a journey through all that makes us human. We dance, write, journal, meditate and create safe space. From how beautiful you feel, how often you’re experiencing pleasure, to the issue you have with your mama, and what kind man you’re attracting…We go in.

I’m Here for All of It!

From our Members-only circle, to the Q+A calls and the emails you send, I show up for you in the space the best way I can.

I am Rooted in Sacred Sisterhood

I am not an expert in everything, this is why I called on Expert Sista Healers! I NEED my sistas. TOGETHER we are experts in EVERYTHING! Healing does not end here… most times we need to invest in taking action offline and with another sista. I function from a Village Mentality.

Imagine for a moment, insight from Expert Sista Healers, addressing the BIG questions you’ve had about life so you don’t have to Google search the answer when its time to go deeper.


Imagine knowing you had the power to heal yourself, with the right guidance and support, and without worrying if they have your best interest at heart.


This fabulous place?


It’s right in front of you, bew!

Evolve: Sacred Self Work to #HealASista

20+ Engaging, Step-By-Step Video Lessons and Fitness Classes Were Made Especially for You— and you get access with one…simple…click.

7 Core Areas to Evolve

(Aligned with the 7 Chakra System)


(1) Grounding (2) Desire (3) Identity (4) Love (5) Expression (6) Clarity (7) Wholeness

Here’s a Brief Sample of What’s There Waiting…

The Skill of Grounding Yourself Emotionally


The Big O and the Wonders of Pleasure


The Science of Sistahood




Self Talk: Words of Abundance


Attracting the Love You Want


Speak Up– Learn How to Say No Confidently


Afro-Beat Dance


Expert Sista Healer Interviews on everything from Reiki, Ancestral Connections, Womb


Steaming, Love and Sound Healing


5+ Pre-Recorded Guided Meditation (Audio)

Noticing Family Patterns Worksheet

Girl, Wait… There’s More!

Each month that you remain a member you get access to…


  • One Live Q+A Call Each Month w/ Shawna
  • Members-Only Access to the Online Healing Circle
  • 101 Self-Care Ideas
  • Exclusive Opportunities to Deepen Your Healing with Expert Sistas
  • Monthly Challenges to Deepen Your Self-Work
  • 21 Day Sistahood Challenge

Why You Can’t Afford Not to Join Evolve: Sacred Self-Work to #HealASista

Because the BIG ideas you birth need to come from an authentic, heart-centered place to meet with success

Because your (future) children need to see a powerful version of Mommy to mimic in adulthood


Because its time to stop holding grudges against folks that have already moved on


Because you wanna’ attract sacred relationships into your life, and know how to nourish them


As a member of EVOLVE you learn to heal, connect and manifest the abundant lifestyle you deserve.


And guess what? You can have access for less than what you spent on that fly hairstyle last month! Hey now!

You’re Ready to Join EVOLVE if:

You understand that healing is work and you are willing to invest the time and resources to see a shift.
You’re overwhelmed at times and you simply need  some guidance about what to try next (Or) You are in therapy want to continue doing the transformative work.
You are committed to creating an abundant lifestyle that will impact you and your babies.
You are willing to experience massive mindset shifts.
You’re open to new ideas, teachings, and methods and will try what rings true for you.
You’re a go-getter and you have/will make the time.
You actually seek to learn the strategies and apply them to your life over and over again… with time.
You yearn for sistahood and would love to meet top-notch women who are on a similar journey
You’re crystal clear about the fact that something ain’t right… even if you’re not sure what.

You’re Probably Not

Ready If:

You don’t wanna do the work because, well, you don’t feel like it.
You’re looking for a replacement to therapy. As a licensed professional that really cares about you and your healing… This CANNOT REPLACE the time we all deserve to sit with an unbiased loving professional to support you through your stuff.
You don’t commit and you’re not ready to change.
You’re content with life as it is and You’re not looking for massive mindset shifts.
You’re not down to try new things for your healing
You just wanna watch a video, and Viola you’re healed. Nope…Healing takes time, patience, and vulnerability.
Keeping up with the Joneses. You’re an information hoarder that doesn’t actually APPLY the resources.
You’re not interested in actually pushing your limits and establishing connections with like-minded sistas
You stay lyin’ to YOURSELF so you won’t really know if you’re making progress because you refuse to see.

What they say

“[Shawna] gave me and my daughter’s tools to use in order to get through the tough space… One of the things I used to do was just push things down, push it away. I didn’t really deal. I didn’t want feel… I didn’t want to deal… I didn’t want to face it… I didn’t want to be vulnerable. But, to [work] with her and be allowed the opportunity to be vulnerable and just to express whatever I was feeling at that time… things that I couldn’t share with anybody else… It was just so freeing and so liberating. I truly feel like she went with the spirit of God and facilitated healing… and allowed the space for me to heal myself…

I hope any ladies out there that are in a place when they are ready to heal, ready to do something, please look her up. Please get in contact with her. You will not be sorry. ”

——Yolanda J.

What they say

“Shawna knows her stuff and is awesome to work with! I love the content inside of EVOLVE!”

——Melody T.

Your EVOLVE Membership Will Include:

  • 24/7 Access to 20+ Engaging Video Lessons on How To Heal Yourself (Valued at over 6K!)
  • 5+ Video Movement Courses (AfroBeat, Yoga and More!) (Valued at over $500)
  • 5+ Guided Meditation Audios
  • Access to All of Shawna’s Worksheets to do the Self-Work
  • Journal Prompt Collection
  • A Host of Sista Expert Healer Audio Interviews, Insights and Offerings
  • One Live Q+A Call Each Month w/ Shawna (Valued at over $400)
  • Members-Only Access to the Online Healing Circle
  • Exclusive Opportunities to Deepen Your Healing with Expert Sistas
  • Monthly Challenges to Deepen Your Self-Work

Your Investment for your EVOLVE Membership:


$297/year IN FULL

$10 for the first month and $37 per month after that

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

Please email me at info@HealASista.com if you have any questions

I’m REALLY just hanging by a thread emotionally, is this membership for me?

This sounds like you might consider seeking out a mental health professional to help you get back to yourself. A great resource for identifying support in your area is Psychology Today and Good Therapy. You are welcome to pair this membership with your therapeutic support!

I'm in therapy now, is that cool?

Absolutely! Shawna is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and she encourages everybody and their momma to try therapy, because she thinks we all deserve it. You may even want to share the fact that you are currently in the membership program with your therapist, it may support you in your healing process there.

How different is this from other membership programs?

‘EVOLVE: Sacred Self-Work to #HealASista’ was created with the Sista (Black/Brown woman) in mind. The sacred online coursework is organized by 7 Core Areas and features Sista Expert Healers from in and outside of the United States. Sistahood is a primary value infused throughout.This is the only membership site of it’s kind, as we know it. Topics are addressed from a lens of healing as resistance and seeks to honor the evolving culture of the Diaspora. We are nurturing an active, nurturing sistahood, and actually let go and grow in our work monthly. We will even highlight our members monthly, it’s called ‘Evolving Sista Spotlight’.

I am not a woman of color. Am I welcome?

We welcome women of all backgrounds. We request that anyone who becomes a member be genuinely interested in, and totally okay with celebrating #BlackGirlMagic and discussing relevant topics related to how to #HealASista from a place of love and diligence.

How do I cancel?

Email our team at info@HealASista.com and we will support you in that process. Please allow at least 72 hours before your payment date so that your card doesn’t get charged.

Can I pay monthly/annually?

Yes. EVOLVE has an introductory annual rate of $297. At a monthly rate the cost is $47.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds but you can cancel at anytime.

How do you select the Sista Expert Healers?

Sista Experts were carefully selected, and curated based off of sistas who provide a high quality of healing services, client success, live what they teach and are in alignment with sacred sistahood.

How did you decide on the topics for each course?

You’re on a roll! We paid close attention to the requests and concerns that sistas shared in The #HealASista Project Mini-retreats and on the FB group.

How long will it take me to complete the self work?

There are over 21 courses in 7 modules. To truly do the healing work, absorbing and sorting through your stuff, at minimum 1 year. New courses will be added quarterly, and the courses are great to revisit at different times in your life.

Do you offer 1:1 support?

There is a live Q&A group call once a month, and Shawna is extremely active in the group answering any questions. Shawna also works with an extremely limited number of clients in the H.E.R. Purpose Coaching Experience as well as Virtual QiGong/Meditation healing sessions.

I suck a meditation. Will this work for me?

Absolutely. The guided meditation audios and meditation guide, as well as the sista support can support you in gaining greater confidence and centeredness in that area. Remember, its a practice.

Is this the support you need?

I’ve been where you’re standing and I know the power of Taking the Leap. I spent YEARS yearning for relief. I invested over 100k in degrees, certifications, trainings and my own personal healing to get to where I am. Why go through all of that? Who has that kind of time? NOBODY!


We can get you positioned where you have major resources and support for healing on your own terms, with love—its all on you sis!


Imagine loving all of you, flaws an all, when you stare in the mirror. You already know its time. You already know that I’m really passionate about supporting my sistas, so, this isn’t a gimmick. I do the work thats rooted in my heart.


Now it’s time for you to do the same. Let me show you how to heal you, sis.

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